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10:34PM CT
Last question: Audience member asks if the candidates have any positive things to say about the other candidate. Clinton says she respects Trump’s children. Trump says he considers Clinton’s comments about his children to be a nice compliment, but is not sure if it’s meant to be a compliment about him or his children. Trump says Clinton “doesn’t quit” and “doesn’t give up.”

10:27PM CT
Trump wonders how Clinton made so much money after leaving elected office. He says Clinton made millions because of the power of her office and wonders why she isn’t putting any of her money into the campaign… Trump says he is not beholden to special interests like Clinton.

9:22PM CT
Cooper asks Trump if he lacks “discipline” for his early morning Tweets about a former Miss Universe’s alleged sex tape. Trump points out that Hillary built her up as a “girl scout” to attack him and failed. He also pointed out that unlike Hillary, he would have been up to take the Benghazi phone call.

9:21PM CT
Trump: “She has tremendous hate in her heart. When she said ‘deplorables,’ she meant it.”

9:16PM CT
Chris Hayes Triggered by Mention of Alex Jones

9:15PM CT
Trump points out the Clintons supported NAFTA, which has devastated American jobs.

9:06PM CT
Hillary is literally attracting flies. They’re landing on her face.

9:00PM CT
Trump: “With her, it’s all talk and no action.”

He says Clinton has been in politics for 30 years and under her, the system has never changed and never will.

8:48PM CT
Clinton claimed her comments about having a separate public and private positions was in reference to Lincoln.
“Honest Abe never lied,” Trump says. “That’s the difference between Abraham Lincoln and you.”

8:43PM CT
Trump to moderator: Why are you interrupting me? Why don’t you interrupt her more?

8:36PM CT
Trump quotes Bernie Sanders: Hillary has bad judgment

8:35PM CT
Epic! Hillary Supporters Crushed at 2nd Presidential Debate

8:34PM CT
Trump says Hillary wants single-payer healthcare, points out it’s so slow in Canada that Canadians come to US for surgery. He also says Obamacare is expensive for those who have it and unbelievably expensive for the US.

Trump also points out that single-payer healthcare was the plan all along and Obamacare was the first step.

8:31PM CT
“It’s one against three here,” Trump said about moderators.

8:28PM CT

Hillary: “It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.”

Trump: “Because you would be in jail.”

8:27PM CT

Trump accuses Clinton of lying about her deleted 33,000 emails after getting a subpoena. He also attacked Bill Clinton for meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a private plane while she was still under investigation.

8:24PM CT
Trump tells Hillary there’s people who’ve lives that have been destroyed by 1/5th of what she’s done.

8:22PM CT
Trump told Hillary she’s the one that actually owes an apology to Barack Obama over the birther issue since it was her 2008 campaign who started it long before Trump decided to run from office.

8:20PM CT
Only 20 minutes into the debate and Hillary is already having to sit down.

8:15PM CT
Trump finally brought out Bill Clinton’s previous sexual crimes and having to settle lawsuits with his victims in response to Hillary claiming he’s against women.

7:55PM CT
Insiders: Hillary to Accuse Trump of Rape to Cover Up Bill’s Sex Crimes

In an attempt to downplay Bill Clinton’s deep ties with convicted child molester – and Clinton Foundation co-founder – Jeffrey Epstein, Hillary Clinton will push a questionable lawsuit alleging that Trump kept “sex slaves” with Epstein’s help.

Read more here.

7:50PM CT

Sources say Hillary will refuse to shake Trump’s hand at the beginning of the debate to allow moderator Anderson Cooper to inquire why, which will give Hillary the chance to attack Trump at the beginning of the debate.

It will be interesting to see if their strategy changes due to this leak.

7:30PM CT
Donald Trump Meets with Clinton Victims Ahead of Second Debate

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump met with several women who’ve accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault Sunday ahead of the second US presidential debate.

The Sunday transmission starts from 4PM to 6PM, then we’ll have 2 hours of pre-show, with the debate beginning at 8PM Central.

Watch: Alex Jones breaks down how Donald Trump must attack Hillary Clinton in the next debate and expose that Bill Clinton is a rapist.

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