Democrats are on a roll offering free stuff and trying to outdo each others’ “Orange Man Bad” remarks during the 4th Clown World Democrat debate.

Keep refreshing this page for live updates from the Oct. 15 Democrat debates in Westerville, Ohio:

DNC Chair Tom Perez encourages Deep State intelligence leakers

Tulsi Gabbard admits impeachment talks have been going on since Trump won and get over it — but she’s still for impeachment.

Tulsi Gabbard endorses socialist Universal Basic Income plan.

Tulsi Gabbard slams mainstream media for accusing her of acting as a Russian asset for condemning endless wars.

CNN cuts off Tulsi Gabbard when addressing her fitness for office over the other candidates.

Tulsi Gabbard points out Democrats’ hard shift left on abortion views.

Biden calls for Trump’s impeachment when asked about son Hunter Biden’s potential Ukraine corruption.

Also, Biden: “I never discussed anything to do with Ukraine with my son.” – he did.

Biden rambles about raising taxes.

Confused Joe: People “clipping coupons in the stock market”

Biden suffers malfunction:

Biden refers to Bernie Sanders as Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden calls for universal gun registration.

Bernie Sanders slams Joe Biden for supporting and perpetuating disastrous Iraq War.

Bernie Sanders calls for abolishing billionaires.

Bernie Sanders pushes back against notion he’s too old and unhealthy after just suffering from heart attack.

Bernie confirms he’s not on medical marijuana:

Bernie Sanders promises jobs for every American through the socialist Green New Deal.

Elizabeth Warren dodges question on raising taxes for “Medicare for all” — again.

Elizabeth Warren says “I don’t have a beef with billionaires” before launching into diatribe about billionaires.

Warren stunned when Gabbard just asked her to join in promising to end regime-change wars

Pete Buttigieg calls out Warren’s refusal to admit taxes will rise with “Medicare for all” plan.

Pete Buttigieg criticizes Beto’s gun confiscation plan.

Buttigieg condemns Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

Buttigieg calls for packing the Supreme Court with “judges who share my values.”

Amy Klobuchar knocks on Warren’s socialist “Medicare for all” plan.

Amy Klobuchar: Trump making Russia great again.

Kamala Harris: Trump confessed to crime, will be held accountable.

Kamala Harris: Women will die if they don’t have access to abortion.

Harris argues with Warren over calling Twitter to ban banning President Trump’s account.

Andrew Yang warns of dangers of automation taking American jobs.

Andrew Yang calls for “21st century solutions” to break up Big Tech.

Beto O’Rourke promises mandatory gun confiscation plan backed by “consequences from law enforcement.”

Beto O’Rourke doubles down on impeaching President Trump.

Julián Castro endorses the socialist overhaul known as Green New Deal.

Cory Booker: Trump impeachment needs to be “about patriotism, not partisanship”

Cory Booker: “Women are people”

Cory Booker issues mandatory “I’m a vegan” notice:

Billionaire Tom Steyer condemns wealth gap and vows to raise taxes on rich.

Tom Steyer says climate change proves “America First” policies are terrible.

Watch our full coverage of the 4th Democrat debate below:

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