Never forget, one volunteer firefighter pledged as he planted hundreds of flags into his yard. Each represents a life he refuses to forget 14 years after terrorist attacks killed thousands on 9/11.

Bryan Sypniewski, a 30-year veteran of the Depew Fire Department, said he recently moved into a new home and decided it held the perfect setting for a 9/11 memorial. He purchased hundreds of flags and a ribbon, then planted them, advising passerby to never forget lives lost on 9/11.

The 403 flags each represent a life he holds dear: 343 members of FDNY, 37 port authority officers and 23 police officers, each who died when they attempted to save lives as the twin towers collapsed at the World Trade Center. A larger ribbon represents the thousands of civilians who also perished.

“I would do the exact same thing, that’s what we’re trained to do,” Sypniewski said. “I was hoping everybody would come out, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.”

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