Even as a courtroom battle brews over whether local governments can pass their own gun-control ordinances, Western Pennsylvania officials are striking the measures from their books.

“We’ve taken action to begin that process,” said Robert T. Callen, the Munhall borough manager. “It’s what all the municipalities are doing.”

Munhall is one of several municipalities in Western Pennsylvania that have passed “lost and stolen” ordinances — local laws requiring gun owners to notify police when a firearm goes missing. Gun-control supporters tout the ordinances as common-sense measures to track guns used in crimes.

But critics note that Pennsylvania law defines gun regulation as solely a state responsibility. And in November, Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law Act 192, which allows Pennsylvania gun enthusiasts — and groups that have them as members — to sue communities that have such rules, even if the gun supporter lives somewhere else. If the lawsuit is successful, or if it’s settled, the municipality must pay the plaintiff’s legal costs.

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