APF Concerns Citizens
KULR-8 Television
October 4, 2009

HARDIN – Now that Hilton’s criminal past is revealed, concerned Montana citizens show up at the Hardin jail demanding answers.

Both APF and Two Rivers Authority officials tell us they were aware of Hilton’s checkered past but still believe in his promise to bring prisoners to Hardin.

Toni Myers drove from Columbus, Montana, in search of answers in the ongoing story between the Hardin Jail and American Police Force. “I want to know who they are, where they’re coming from, and who they’re bringing with them,”said Myers.

“My job is not to give you the answers you want my job is to give the information I’ve been employed to release or not release,”said APF spokesperson Shay.

Shay spent all day answering questions from media members and the public after an AP story linked the security firm’s leader Michael Hilton to multiple bankruptcies and convictions for more than a dozen felonies.

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American Police Force Causing Controversy in Hardin
October 4, 2009

The City of Hardin made news over the summer with speculation that it could become home to prisoners from Guantanimo Bay. But the $27 million detention center has yet to house a single inmate.

Recently a California security firm was hired to take control of the facility, with promises of filling the jail and building a police training center. What’s happened since, has been nothing short of bizarre.

Residents of a small city in southeastern Montana were shocked when they witnessed the following: three black Mercedes SUV’s driving through town with decals saying “Hardin Police.”But Hardin doesn’t have a police department.

Now the Montana Attorney General is demanding answers from this security firm, which some say has no business being in Hardin. While others compare the firm to mercenaries gone mad.

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