As if using Stingray cell phone grabbing systems isn’t bad enough, now we have evidence that local police departments are using NSA like tactics to hack into computers.

A recent lawsuit filed on behalf of three Fort Smith police whistleblowers details a hard drive given to attorney Matthew Campbell from the FSPD which contained three different Trogan malware viruses.

“One would have kept my Internet active even if I tried to turn it off, one would have stolen any passwords that I entered in, and the other would have allowed the installation of other malicious software,” Campbell said. “It’s not like these are my only clients, either. I’ve got all my client files in my computer. I don’t know what they were looking for, but just the fact that they would do it is pretty scary.”

Looks like FSPD thinks they are junior NSA agents. This represents both a terrible precedent and a blatant attempted violation of attorney client privilege.

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