Editor’s Note: This recent deal is a strong indicator that an attack on Iran is iminent. If a conflagration begins, any US allies will surely be a potential target, starting with Qatar and the UAE. Currently, those countries are vulnerable, and the high socio-economic standard of living and foreign investment they currently enjoy could collapse quickly if their security is threatened. The UAE’s new Lockeed THAD missile system is custom-made for defense against a possible retaliatory strike from its near neighbor Iran, another piece on an ever-expanding grand chessboard. 

AFP/Defense News
December 31, 2011

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon awarded U.S. defense giant Lockheed Martin Corp. with a $1.96 billion contract Dec. 30 to supply the United Arab Emirates with a missile defense system.

Under the contract, Lockheed will deliver two Terminal High Altitude Area Defense or Thaad systems that include radar, interceptors and launchers, according to a Pentagon statement.

The project is part of President Barack Obama’s plans to build up a regional defense in the Middle East to counter Iran’s growing arsenal of ballistic missiles.

Under the plan, land-based interceptors would be tied in with a detection network on U.S. Navy Aegis-class warships.

UAE is the first country to purchase the expensive Thaad system.

The announcement came amid rising tensions with Iran and a day after the United States confirmed the signing of a $30 billion arms deal to provide another Gulf ally – Saudi Arabia – with 84 new fighter jets.

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