Not even the animals are safe from London’s knife crime wave.

Bimbo, a 28-year-old donkey, was stabbed in its side during an attack on Friday and has since taken a “turn for the worse” after the wound became infected.

Owner Lorayne Ahmet says the senseless stabbing was probably part of a gang initiation ritual.

“There have been a few stabbings in Eltham of late and I have seen youths messing around with the donkeys,” she said, adding, “I think one of them could have stabbed Bimbo as a gang initiation task.”

Ahmet said the culprits should be put in a field “and let the general public do what they want with them”.

A vet subsequently confirmed that the donkey had been stabbed.

“The donkey is one of several owned by Ms Ahmet, whose father Len Thorne ran donkey rides in Blackheath, near Greenwich Park, London, for more than 60 years before he died in 2012,” reports the Telegraph.

The animal has contracted laminitis, a disease similar to thrombosis in humans, and is likely to be put to sleep.

I’m sure that if London Mayor Sadiq Khan was reached for comment, he’d glibly repeat, “London is open”.


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