A 27-year-old man was reportedly attacked with a hammer and a bat Friday outside his mosque in London just hours after the New Zealand massacre.

The report filed with London Police said that a car with three men sped past the East London mosque, yelling Islamophobic slurs, calling them “terrorists,” at attendees outside the worship place. When the mosque attendees chased down the car, a man got out of the car and attacked one of the chasers with a hammer-like weapon.

Local police confirmed the filing of the police report to The Independent, saying that the victim sustained head injuries from the altercation.

The Mosque shooter’s manifesto is filled with contradictions typical of an insane person. Alex Jones takes this story head on and delivers his break down of the manifesto meant to be a window into the killer’s mind.

“The suspects returned to their car and left the scene before police arrived,” said a representative for London’s Metropolitan Police.

“At hospital, it was established that the victim had sustained a head injury, which was not believed to be serious,” the representative said.

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