Longtime Hillary Clinton adviser and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is set to veto legislation that would put a storage limit on photos indiscriminately collected by police license plate readers.

Introduced by Sen. Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax), the bill would limit the amount of time police could store photos obtained through the electronic readers to seven days.

Predictably, law enforcement groups immediately opposed the legislation, bizarrely claiming that the bills would hinder surveillance at jails despite the legislation only citing “indiscriminate surveillance systems.”

“Although I’m sure SB965 and HB1673 were well intended, the result is that the change could easily be interpreted to restrict the activities of sheriffs to control their jails,” former state senator and Virginia Beach Sheriff Ken Stolle said.

After passing the Senate with a 39-0 vote and the House by 95-4, the bill, along with similar legislation by Republican Richard Anderson, was amended by McAuliffe to increase storage time to 60 days.

After receiving the modified legislation back from McAuliffe, the Senate quickly rejected the amended sections, restoring the bill to its original language.

In an apparent attempt to appease lawmakers, McAuliffe stated that he would create a “special sub-panel” to study surveillance technology, although hinting at his plans to veto the bills, notes the Virginia Pilot.

The panel, tasked with providing a non-bias look at expanding police surveillance, will consist of the secretary of public safety, the Norfolk police chief, the Virginia Beach deputy chief of police and the executive director of the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association.

McAuliffe, who co-chaired Bill Clinton’s 1996 and Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaigns, still remains embedded within the Clinton’s political circle, a revealing fact given his endless ties to corrupt government dealings.

Some of McAuliffe’s more nefarious actions include his involvement with GreenTech Automotive, a tax-payer funded business McAuliffe chaired following the company’s creation in 2009.

Despite telling local residents that the electric car manufacturer would produce hundreds of vehicles and create jobs, a former employee revealed the business to be nothing more than a front company.

The ex-employee admitted that workers were paid to build and then deconstruct the same few cars “over and over again” while posing for media photo shoots.

“Upon the arrival at the plant of foreign investors, who can gain U.S. citizenship for large investments in U.S. companies through the EB 5 program, they pretended to work on cars to fool them into thinking they were actively producing and selling the vehicles,” reported the Washington Free Beacon.

The fact that Hillary continues to associate with fellow conspirators, despite her campaign being buried by scandal, reveals an obvious inability to disassociate herself from malfeasance.

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