On Thursday veteran Republican strategist Mary Matalin announced she has changed party affiliations. She is now a registered Libertarian.

She remains a Republican in the “Jeffersonian, Madisonian sense,” she told Mark Halperin of Bloomberg.

“I’m not a Republican for a party or a person,” she added. “The Libertarian Party represents those constitutional principles that I agree with.”

Matalin, however, insisted she is a “provisional Trump” supporter but will withhold her support until the presumptive nominee clarifies his stand on crucial issues.

“I just don’t know enough. I think not only could he win, I think he could win in a landslide if he would stop his high school boy antics with women; otherwise he’s going to force suburban women to Hillary.”

“I think he can peel off some African-Americans, some nontraditional, millennial voters if he runs the jobs message,” she said. “I think he would be great if he reins it in a little bit.”

Matalin, a former campaign director for George Bush, said many conservatives are angry with the party after two successive failed Republican presidential runs.

“As you know, and I’ve said it publicly here and in many places, after two successive blowout elections for conservatives with a nonresponse from Washington, a lot of conservatives are angry with the party. The party was falling apart. I can still vote for Republicans. I will never vote for Hillary and never trump means always liberty. Hence, Libertarian.”

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