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June 25, 2010

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As we reach day 67 of the Gulf oil gusher, the useless cleanup effort run by the very company that caused the disaster has been even more abysmal than their failure to prevent it in the first place. Many beaches as far as Pensacola have been closed due to lethal toxins in the water and in the air. People are experiencing breathing problems and significant skin rashes/lesions. Crops as far north as North Carolina have been damaged due to toxic rain. Crude oil has even been observed falling out of the sky during rainfall inland of the Louisiana coast. Washington Post has recently reported that they are expecting to have to evacuate upwards of 20 million people from coastal areas. The state of affairs in the Gulf region is on the path to all out chaos and Martial Law. The anarchy may reach levels orders of magnitude higher than that of Katrina.

Transparency about the extent of the gusher fallout has been non-existent. BP has spent just as much effort maintaining a media blackout as they have cleaning up the mess. But, BP isn’t the only authority not telling the truth. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection today released a situation update, where they claim that no significant amount of oil has reached the Gulf loop current. They published a pretty little diagram of the above surface oil which hasn’t yet been sucked down into the loop current. The one thing PB is doing effectively is hiding the oil below the surface with their deadly Corexit dispersant. The situation update issued by Florida that only considers surface oil is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. On June 19th NASA released a satellite photo of the Gulf showing a completely different picture than the one produced by NOAA. From the satellite photo it is clear that huge portion of the oil is smack dab in the middle of the loop current. Despite what the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is saying about the loop current, traces of oil have been found as far North as Jacksonville. Stay Tuned!

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