Kurt Nimmo
January 11, 2011

It looks like Democrats and liberals now have a new target in their war against political speech in the wake of the shooting in Arizona – the 9/11 truth movement and the documentary Loose Change.

During an AP interview with the father of a high school friend of Jared Lee Loughner, we learn that the accused mass murderer watched Loose Change, the 9/11 documentary directed by Dylan Avery and produced by Jason Bermas and Korey Rove.

Alex Jones is an executive producer of the film. Millions of people have watched the film on the internet and it was deemed an internet blockbuster by Vanity Fair in 2006. The documentary was criticized and “debunked” by the State Department and Popular Mechanics.

Loughner, according to George Osler, also took Salvia divinorum, a psychoactive plant which can induce dissociative effects and is described as a potent producer of “visions” and other hallucinatory experiences.

In the next few days, we can expect the corporate media to claim the mental case Loughner was a 9/11 truther.

The tragic shooting has resulted in calls for censorship. Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn has called for the so-called Fairness Doctrine to be imposed by the government on talk radio. Media Matters CEO David Brock asked Rupert Murdoch to rein in or possibly even fire Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, according to Politico.

Talk radio appears to be the primary target. MSNBC liberal attack dog Chris Matthews went after to popular talk radio personalities in the wake of the attack – Mark Levin and Michael Savage.

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