Officials in Houston, Texas say Hurricane Harvey looters rummaged through a flooded home while a dead woman was still inside.

Paramedic Michele Poche went to check on her 90-year-old neighbor, Agnes Stanley, after Hurricane Harvey ripped apart their neighborhood, but was too late and found the woman floating inside her house.

Poche told ABC 13 she called Stanley’s son and got permission to break into the house in order to check on her.

After swimming through ten feet of flood water and finding Stanley underwater, Poche backed away and called 911.

According to the Houston Police Department, the house was burglarized before the coroner was able to make it inside.

“The coroner was not able to get in until Thursday to pick her body up. Yeah, they broke into her house and stole stuff, too,” Poche said.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Stanley spent her senior years teaching young students about nature at the Houston Audubon’s Docent Guild and the Titmouse Club, a program that helps get children interested in the environment.

Officials say the death toll from Hurricane Harvey has reached at least 60 people.

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