Los Angeles is inching closer to permitting residents to keep beehives in the coming days. The Los Angeles City Council accepted a draft proposal Wednesday which will allow beekeeper enthusiasts to maintain beehives in their backyards.

Beehive keeping is not permitted in residential zones, but immense number of residents are maintaining beehives anyway. The hobbyists are motivated to keep beehives due to the concern about the recent decline of the populations of the honeybee.

Jose Huizar, LA Councilman, stated that for the past 12 months, he and his staff have been busy working on the ordinance alongside bee experts to guarantee that the practice is regulated appropriately.

According to the earlier report furnished by Los Angeles Times, Mr. Huizar stated, “We want to enable this increasingly popular activity even while we preserve the rights of the city to address any complaints about poorly maintained hives.” The Times added that scientists and farmers have provided a caution that the drop in bee populations along with California’s continuing severe drought could possibly threaten agriculture around the state.

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