Steve Watson
April 18, 2011

Veteran broadcast journalist Lou Dobbs has scolded Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s open threat that the US may default on it’s debt should Republicans in Congress refuse to raise the debt ceiling, noting that the statement is akin to financial terrorism.

Appearing on the nationally syndicated Alex Jones show last Friday, Dobbs expressed disgust over Geithner’s statements to Congress last week, and called for more scrutiny from watchdog groups and the national media.

“Our Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is somewhat limited in his outlook towards the consequences of a decision that would be taken not to raise the debt ceiling.” Dobbs told Jones.

“He has a relatively either limited knowledge of banking itself, or of the role of the federal government when it comes to the Treasury Department.” he added.

“Default is not a requisite or a logical conclusion to not raising the debt ceiling. There are choices to be made by the administration should the congress elect not to raise the debt ceiling. None of those decisions require default, and anyone who says that it does is utterly and completely mistaken.” Dobbs continued.

The trailblazing journalist, now hosting a regular nightly show on Fox Business after leaving his long running post at CNN, had more stark words for Geithner and the officials around him at the Treasury.

“Not a single person that I respect with a knowledge of finance, public or corporate, would support their view.”

“I think any time a public official and a servant of the American people stands up in Washington DC and says that armageddon is the result of a public policy choice that is not the one they desire, everyone in the national media should be skeptical and point out that position and where it stands historically.” Dobbs said.

During the interview, Dobbs also spoke of his concern over a move toward global governance at the expense of national sovereignty by both political parties in America.

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“I make no apology for being an American who is concerned first and foremost with Americans and America, it’s that straight forward.” Dobbs said.

“My great concern in all of this over the years has been, aside from my position on any of these developments, to ensure my audience understands that when we make a deal with the United Nations, when we sign on to the World Trade Organization, when we’re part of NATO, we are at some margin, at some level and in some cases at an extreme level, consigning away this nation’s sovereignty. We are deferring national interests to a broader interest, whether it be a European interest, whether it be a global interest, or whether it be an Asian interest, it doesn’t matter.” he added.

“Our leaders and the elite have on too many occasions, sought to understate that reality, and to act and pretend that there is no consequence or implication for the well being of the American people or the national interest.”

“So when we start talking about the elites that are, if you will, not necessarily conspiring, but acting as if they were in a collusion, in concert to create a North American Union, it’s an empirical statement, it’s based on fact,” Dobbs added. “It’s not a question of ideology, it’s not a question of philosophy or partisanship.”

“What we are seeing in some instances is an effort on the part of a group of elites worldwide, who wish to bring about a one world order. It may not particularly be a new world order, since the effort has been underway for some time.” Dobbs stated.

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Dobbs also rounded on the national media for working “as not only a willing, but an eager accomplice” to this agenda.

“We need watchdogs on our estate and not lapdogs.” Dobbs said, adding, “This great constitutional Republic is utterly dependent on an informed citizenry. And an engaged and participatory citizenry. What is occurring now is a constraint of information.”

“One would think that given the internet, all of the various media and all the vehicles of communication, that American citizens would be better informed than ever. But in point of fact we know less today than we did 50 years ago about what our government is doing. And the reasons for it are many, but among them has been a decision among elites, and by the way I’m talking about both political parties in one way or another being involved, in an effort to simply preside rather than to represent, and to do so with a view that they are somehow ordained to lead, rather than being dependent on the consent of the governed.”

Dobbs also gave his views on the military action in Libya, the possible presidential run by Donald Trump, Ron paul and more.

Listen to the exclusive interview below:


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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