Police in Ontario are nursing their egos after rushing nearly a dozen squad cars to an apartment complex where a serial door slammer was at large.

Yesterday, Waterloo Regional Police deployed a massive response following a complaint concerning a loud noise emanating from within an apartment complex.

Via the Waterloo Regional Record:

Police were first called at 1:40 p.m. after tenants in the building reported gunshots. When officers heard similar noises, they surrounded the three-storey building and called for backup.

At least 10 police cars raced to the area of Hazel Street north of Columbia Street to cordon off the area. Then tactical officers arrived to take over.

After two and a half hours, police concluded the noise was not gunfire.

“Apparently there was a heavy door that, when it was slammed, sounded just like a shotgun,” Staff Sgt. Deborah McBride said.

Police realized their error after they had already detained a man, according to The Record, however he apparently was not the perp.

“We don’t know who slammed the door, but we don’t think there was malicious intent,” McBride said.

Police graciously charged no one for slamming the door loudly.

Erroneous police responses of this sort can only persist, especially in light of technology which claims to pick up the sound of gunfire, but which can easily misinterpret noises, such as that emitted from a firework, and give false reads.

The overzealous response is also a product of terror training which conditions police to regard their fellow man with perpetual distrust, and keeps them in constant fear of a largely non-existent terrorist threat.

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