Famous comedian rails against asinine Common Core curriculum

Adan Salazar
April 29, 2014

One of the things renowned comedian Louis C.K. is known for is speaking his mind, so it’s no surprise to see him vent his frustration on Twitter after sitting down to help his daughters with their homework.

Yesterday, the star of the FX show Louis published a series of tweets expressing his outrage towards New York state’s Common Core standardized testing and math curriculum, some of whose problems, he says, are so difficult to comprehend they actually made his children cry.

“My kids used to love math. Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and common core!” the expert self-deprecating humorist tweeted.

He continued railing against the national initiative with comical jabs and even photographed some of the more baffling examples.

Lest some think C.K. is joking or embellishing to make a point, recall just a few months ago we covered the story of a mother who inadvertently snapped a photo of her frustrated daughter enduring anguish at the kitchen table while struggling to comprehend a Common Core math lesson.

"I’m a photographer. This is my daughter…and this is the first photo of her that I have ever hated." - Kelly Poynter
“I’m a photographer. This is my daughter…and this is the first photo of her that I have ever hated.” – Kelly Poynter

Recently, parents in New York state were also puzzled when standardized Common Core English tests administered to students from grades 3 through 8 contained advertorial-like promotions of brands like Nike, Mug’s Root Beer (a registered trademark of PepsiCo), Wrigley’s, Mattel and more. The product plugs were so blatant that one child reportedly asked his mother, “Why are they trying to sell me something during the test?”

Imagine C.K.’s agitation when he finds out Common Core allows children to declare that 3×4=11, so long as they can explain how they arrived at that conclusion:

Despite the outrage spawned by the relatively new curriculum, which many suspect is actually designed to dumb down children, Microsoft billionaire and one of the prime movers behind the initiative Bill Gates throws his full support behind it, having donated over $170 million toward its implementation. Of course Gates’ children attend an elitist private academy in Seattle, where they aren’t taught Common Core methods.

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