We Are Change
May 20, 2008

Witnesses, Signatures Indicate Otherwise

On Sunday, May 18th, members of We Are Change were assaulted and interrogated on the property of the Louisville Exposition Center while covering the NRA national convention. Sam Logulo was grabbed and driven to the floor, and Cody Deeds was pushed down his knees outside.

Officer Phil Russell, Public Information Officer of the Louisville Metro Police Department stated in an email that there was “no involvement in that incident by Louisville Metro Police Department officers. It is our understanding that the incident in question involved security officers from a different organization not affiliated with the Louisville Metro Police Department.”

  Click the letter above to see a larger version.

However, the members of We Are Change stated that members of the Louisville Metro Police Department were involved in the incident. Furthermore, a document banning the Change members from the Louisville Exposition property was signed by Sgt. John Nisse and Col. R. K. Meade.

In addition to the assault, several pieces of equipment were seized by the police. Four memory cards, two battery packs, two camera batteries, and a disc were taken.

The reason that the citizen journalists traveled to Louisville was to discuss the Continuity of Government mechanisms with Oliver North and the We Are Change members have indicated that retrieving the video of North is the of the utmost importance.

Cody Deeds of Change Ohio summed up the situation, “All I want is the footage.”

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