A video of a protester campaigning to have the Brexit vote completely ignored and the democratic will of the British people annulled illustrates how incredibly stupid leftists really are.

The young woman, know as Holly, is holding a sign that says “no bigots, no borders, Tories out, refugees in.”

She begins by making reference to “Nigel Fri-age” (presumably Farage) before commenting, “We think our passports – it’s European, we think about our passports – it’s European, everything is European and we’re gonna stop that trade and just screw up the young youth of our generation.”

She presumably thinks that because Britain voted to leave a corrupt, failing political union, food from European countries will longer be entering the United Kingdom.

The young woman is then asked to list her three favorite things about the EU, to which she responds “the NHS (the National Health Service of Britain),” as well as “everyone being united together and like having the same opinion.”

She then claims that “we will be kicking people out” as a result of Brexit, although Prime Minister David Cameron as well as leading ‘Vote Leave’ campaigners have repeatedly said that no immigrants will be deported as a result of the vote.

Asked to name her “favorite people in the EU,” Holly responds, “I haven’t really got any favorite EU people, it’s just mainly the (unintelligible) where we live in the UK politics that’s people who I just don’t agree with what they’re saying.”

Holly then says that one of her main concerns is “20p to a pound – we’re gonna have to work more hard work, we’re gonna try and (unintelligible) housing which is more difficult, we have fair jobs.”

She also appears to think that within the EU, traveling to other European countries is free of charge.

“If I can’t go to France, I’ve got to pay to go to France, flight travel, I can’t see my world which I live in while paying a lot of money, our world is free, we should see the places we wanna see.”

Asked to give five words that she associates with Great Britain, Holly struggles to come up with one before remarking, “for me it’s all negativity.”

She then laments that her friends will “all have to move to Scotland because they can’t afford to live here.”

And to think that the media and political elitists have been calling ‘Vote Leave’ supporters “low information” voters for the last 6 months.


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