R. Cort Kirkwood
The New American
May 20, 2011

Mexican authorities recently stopped two tractor trailers containing a total of 513 illegal aliens. They were caught at a checkpoint, using X-ray equipment, in the county’s southern state of Chiapas, which borders Guatemala. They are, to some degree, lucky to have been caught before entering Mexico. Otherwise, they might have been in big trouble given Mexico’s stiff immigration law that severely punishes illegal aliens, and which is much tougher than U.S. immigration law. Even worse, they would have faced the depredations of corrupt public officials and criminal gangs had they made it past the checkpoint and been dumped somewhere in Mexico.

CNN reports that the illegals, who were crammed into the trailers like sardines, had paid $7,000 apiece to hitch a ride supposedly all the way to the United States. They hailed from across the globe: El Salvador, Ecuador, China, Japan, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.

Ever the humanitarian nation, Mexico has promised to contact the appropriate consulates and send them back home. But the high-profile nature of the case assures they won’t be mistreated, unlike other illegals.

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