Jana Winter
March 15, 2012

The Chicago-based hacker who once threatened to burn down the White House and took credit for an devastating computer attack on intelligence company Stratfor made his first appearance in a New York federal courtroom, after his March 5 arrest.

Jeremy Hammond, a 27-year-old with close ties to hacker group LulzSec, wore a bright orange T-shirt under prison-issue navy blue garb and glanced furtively around the magistrate’s courtroom as he was led in, his face pale and his long hair unkempt. Hammond faces federal charges of conspiracy to commit computer hacking, computer hacking and access device fraud. Authorities say the ex-con is known for exhorting fellow hackers to violent acts and once mocked the 9/11 attacks.

But while his computer persona, which emerged under online names such as “Anarchaos” and “crediblethreat” and “tylerknowsthis,” showcased virulent anti-government beliefs, Hammond was respectful in court before the magistrate, who frequently handles early proceedings before cases go to district judges.

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