Furious French protestors are facing off against police in Souillac, where Emmanuel Macron will meet hundreds of the country’s mayors.

Paul Joseph Watson breaks down how the yellow vest movement has spread from globalist-conquered France into the rest of Europe.

The crisis surrounding Emmanuel Macron’s presidency continues to escalate with approval ratings plummeting and protestors staging fiery demonstrations across the country for several weeks. Protestors have now taken to the streets in Souillac ahead of Mr Macron’s arrival today. In tense scenes, demonstrators are facing off against heavily-armed police in the Occitan city.

Unlike many demonstrations in the past few weeks, the majority of the protestors are not dressed in yellow vests. A small number of ‘Gilets Jaunes’ are present.

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Dan Lyman joins Alex Jones via Skype to detail his coverage of the Yellow Vest protests in Europe where he breaks the news that French police, sometimes foreign E.U. troops, are now armed with lethal rifles and other projectiles to use on the French citizens if need be.

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