Emmanuel Macron’s head of media relations has heaped yet more pressure on the beleaguered French President by saying he was planning to quit, in a clear indication that a grueling reform drive and a spate of political scandal and street protests are starting to wear down his inner circle a year and a half into his mandate.

Sylvain Fort, who shaped Mr. Macron’s campaign messaging during his successful presidential campaign and penned some of the young leader’s most memorable speeches, will leave the Elysee Palace for “personal reasons.” Mr. Fort said: ”After two years and a half of relentless work serving the candidate and later our president, I wish to pursue other professional and personal projects, and above all dedicate more time to my family.” His resignation follows the departure of Mr. Macron’s political adviser late last year to lead the ruling party’s European Parliament election campaign, and comes as a massive blow to the 41-year-old, who is increasingly being portrayed as out of touch and arrogant in the French media.

(Photo by Benoit Tessier / Contributor via Getty Images)

Rumors circulating in the French media also suggest other close advisers may head out the door.

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