Democrat Maxine Waters has said some pretty crazy things during recent months. This may take the biscuit, however. On Wednesday evening Waters claimed that 700 BILLION Americans were at risk of losing healthcare coverage if Republicans replace Obamacare.

Waters made the comments on MSNBC, once again revealing how dotty Democrat leadership is.

When host Chris Hayes asked Waters how the Trump administration can claim that the proposed replacement bill will cut overall costs and increase coverage, she said it is “just not true.”

“Take, for example, the state of Kentucky. Almost one-third of those people in that state are covered by Medicaid, and so they’re talking about eliminating 700 billion,” she said, looking off camera, seemingly seeking confirmation, “in, uh, Trumpcare bill.”

“And so that’s no way that they can say that they’ll do more coverage than Obamacare, and so I don’t really know what they’re talking about.” Waters added.

Yeah, you heard her right, it’s the Republicans who don’t know what they’re talking about.

The Congressional Budget Office has noted that some 22 million people could lose existing health care coverage with the repeal of Obamacare. Of course, replacement coverage will be available under the new system.

Senator Rand Paul, who is closely overseeing the new legislation, including having met with the President this week, said Thursday that he believes there is an “impasse,” with “two factions” having formed.

“There is still quite a bit of disagreement. There’s basically two factions. There’s conservatives like myself who don’t want new federal programs, we want to repeal ObamaCare. And then there’s some of the moderates who kind of want to keep some of ObamaCare and they’re not to opposed to new federal government programs,” Paul said.

The Senator suggested dividing the bill in two to appease everyone.

“Do the repeal, which no Democrat will vote for. Repeal the taxes, repeal the regulations, and do a fix to Medicaid that helps to pay for everything,” Paul said.

“No Democrats will vote for anything good like that. But Democrats will always vote for spending. So the big government Republicans that want more spending, take the spending and put it in the bill that Democrats will vote for,” the Senator added.

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