Singer Joy Villa’s decision to wear a “Make America Great Again” dress to the Grammy Awards may have radically altered the course of her music career as she experiences a stunning Amazon sales increase of over 54 million percent at the time of this writing.

Villa’s 2014 album I Make the Static currently sits atop Amazon’s “Movers and Shakers” chart where she also owns the second through sixth slots, as well.

I Make the Static previously held a rank of 543,502 and her other albums were unranked.

In addition to dominating the album chart, Villa also owns the top nine slots in the “Movers and Shakers” songs category.

Villa’s decision to brazenly buck the overwhelming trend of anti-Trumpism in Hollywood set the red carpet on fire. Racism, hate and death threats from the intolerant left began pouring in, and her Wikipedia entry was changed to show her birth name as “Joy Angela Villa Trash” with an occupation of “trash supporter.”

According to Villa’s bio, her racial makeup is very diverse, including Italian, African-American, and Choctaw Indian.

Twitter users pointed out the stark contrast between the violent outrage generated by Villa’s apparel, and the non-reaction to actress Victoria Rowell when she wore an Obama dress to the Emmy’s in 2009.

Leftists’ worst nightmare became reality as it was revealed that the designer of the dress was a pro-Trump Philippine immigrant named Andre Soriano, who tailored the ensemble from a decorative Donald J. Trump flag.

In an exclusive interview with The Gateway Pundit, Soriano revealed that he was inspired to make the dress as a rebuttal to his favorite singer, Madonna, after her statement at the Million Woman March that she had thought heavily upon “blowing up the White House.”

“Andre voted for President Trump because ‘I love America and I believe in America,'” she said in the interview. “Even as an immigrant Andre made it very clear several times throughout our conversation that he is a huge supporter of building the wall. He says that people can come here to build a better life but they have to do it legally.

“Andre is also a huge supporter of the United States Constitution and believes that people that come here need to support it and not try to change it.”

Matt Drudge featured Villa in her dress on the Drudge Report

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