Felix Balthasar
Maine News.net
May 4, 2014

Researchers have reported that magma deep inside Mount St. Helens is on the rise, but chances of an eruption in near future are very slim. Mount St. Helens is located in Washington and the most serious eruption occurred in 1980, which caused damage to lives and economy.

The most recent eruption occurred in 2008, but it was far less damaging compared to the one in 1980. It is natural for people to get nervous whenever there is a sign of activity in the volcano, especially for those living near the mountain. However, the agencies charged with monitoring volcanic activity have reassured the residents living nearby the volcano that no eruption is imminent.

The agency stated in the Cascade Volcano Authority’s (CVO) weekly update that all volcanoes in the Cascade region of Washington and Oregon are displaying normal seismicity. “All the volcanoes were relatively quiet seismically and exhibited only typical background activity. The stage on regional rivers, which had been elevated owing to storms, has been slowly but steadily declining”, reads the statement.

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