One tweet from a left-wing activist working for the organized boycotting group Sleeping Giants appears to have been all it took for the email marketing company Mailchimp to boot popular conservative YouTuber Stefan Molyneux off their platform.

Nandini Jammi, a co-founder of Matt Rivitz’ Sleeping Giants, asked Mailchimp on Monday night if they knew that “power white nationalist” Stefan Molyneux used their service for his newsletter.

“Molyneux promotes eugenics, race science and ‘men’s rights’ activism,” Jammi said. “Can you look into this please?”

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention,” Mailchimp responded the next morning. “We’ve terminated this account.”

Molyneux responded to the attack but it was already too late.

The leftist forces of darkness have been unleashed against horror author Stephen King after the celebrated Trump-troll makes the mistake of saying Oscar nominations should be about merit.

Though Molyneux is apparently beyond the pale, Mailchimp has no issue with serving communists:

Multiple people canceled their accounts after hearing the news.

Jammi has already moved on to pushing YouTube to ban Molyneux channel entirely.

Check out Project Veritas’s latest video if you want a glimpse of the future leftists like Jammi are dreaming of.

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