Robert LeJeune
WNY Truthers
December 16, 2010

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While at this rally you spot an individual seated in a wheelchair in the middle of a street. As he is sitting there in the peaceful act of defiance, he is approached by Armed Riot Police. The man in the wheelchair appears to not only be disabled, but also seems to be very unable to defend himself and he is unarmed as well. Once they descend on him you witness our Civil servants yank this man from the wheelchair and drag him to the side of the street to arrest him.

He is further degraded by being dragged helplessly in full public view while little is done by anyone to try and defend this man! Not but a few indirect shouts to stop and no action to prevent this obvious abuse of authority!

Unheard of, Not in America you say?

Well, actually you are right, it was not in America. It was in London and it was conducted by their civil servants the Metro Police during a peaceful demonstration against tuition hikes. But in reality, it could just have as well happened at any protest here in AmeriKa!

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The incident described above occurred during a rally in London by students against massive Government Tuition hikes. Jody McIntrye was brutally yanked from his wheelchair by the London Metro Police. The incident, the second according to McIntrye, was posted on YouTube here:

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