The establishment media is finally admitting that Ted Cruz has reached the end of presidential run, regardless of what the Texas senator claims.

One article in particular, published by the Hill, crystalizes what voters have known for quite some time: Cruz has practically sold his soul to the establishment to remain in the race, despite being mathematically eliminated from the contest on April 26.

“Once he tacitly accepted the party’s embrace, he began to morph from a conservative stalwart to an opportunist,” Philip N. Diehl of the Hill stated. “The end of the beginning came in mid-March when establishmentarian Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) endorsed Cruz.”

“The beginning of the end came with Cruz’s victory in Wisconsin on April 5, when the media portrayed it as a product of an unholy alliance between Cruz and the establishment.”

Cruz has since strengthened his ties with the establishment through a partnership with the Soros-backed John Kasich and a cozy relationship with Jeb Bush, but all of this has only turned voters against him.

Even Time Magazine, long considered the mouthpiece of the State Dept., has admitted Cruz was at the end of his rope.

“If polls are correct, Cruz is on the verge of his own spanking that might force him from the race,” the magazine stated. “An NBC News/Wall Street Journal released earlier Sunday found Cruz chasing Trump in Indiana by 15 percentage points.”

“…Part of Cruz’s challenge is, quite simply, few Republicans actually like him.”

Cruz cannot win the election outright, so he must shred his constitutional principles to ask the GOP establishment to rig the election in his favor against the will of the voters.

Not only is that the very definition of an opportunist, as Diehl pointed out, but it also fits the definition of an authoritarian.

And remember, Cruz celebrated his voteless victory in Colorado, behavior that’s totally consistent with an establishment insider but not the Reaganesque conservative Cruz portrays himself to be.

“Cruz argued time and again that the [Colo.] rules were the rules and that he simply played by them, and as Trump continually attacked the RNC rules as being undemocratic, disenfranchising to voters and products of an out-of-touch Republican Party, he put Cruz in the position of backing the establishment,” Lawrence Kudlow with the Manteca Bulletin pointed out. “A bad place for Cruz.”

“Moreover, in attacking the delegate process, Trump was able to restore and even enhance his position as the anti-establishment outsider… the agent of change — that’s precisely what GOP voters favor.”

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