The effort by some to challenge Germany’s migrant policy is, according to the mainstream media, an effort to “exploit the freedom, openness and diversity” of Germany to push a “xenophobic agenda.”

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party wasted no time following the terrorist attack in Berlin to criticize Chancellor Angela Merkel for her “humane asylum policy” to promote its “xenophobic agenda,” according to the editorial board at the New York Times.

Arguing in favor of more law enforcement cooperation and intelligence sharing across the EU rather than a thorough review of the open-door migrants policy, the Times editorial board argued the EU should “avoid tarring the vast majority of Muslims in Europe, whether recent asylum seekers or longtime residents, who are law-abiding people as vulnerable to terrorism as anyone else, and are now themselves the target of hate crimes.”

The editorial board at the Washington Post went a step further, comparing the effort by populist parties in Germany to change the country’s open door migrant policy to the Nazis using destabilization to bring down the Weimar Republic.

“Throughout history, violent, authoritarian movements have tried to exploit the freedom, openness and diversity of democratic societies for undemocratic purposes, turning their most cherished strengths into potentially mortal vulnerabilities,” they wrote. “If any country understands this, it is Germany, where National Socialists first destabilized the Weimar Republic through demonstrations and propaganda and then took it over via the ballot box.”

Rather than end the policy of allowing hundreds of thousands of impossible to vet “refugees” from countries that promote radical Islam, the Post writers argued the German people need to accept more government surveillance to keep them safe.

“Germany may need a more general attitude adjustment toward security; due to privacy concerns, for example, it has been slower than the United States and United Kingdom to adopt video surveillance of public spaces,” they wrote.

The German people can not permit terrorists to “sow internal division” or “succumb to the siren song of the anti-foreigner right wing.”

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