The mainstream media has predictably claimed there is nothing to investigate right after Project Veritas released hundreds of hours of secretly recorded audio of employee conversations within CNN Atlanta’s newsroom.

Though virtually none of the mainstream media could have had enough time to comb through the 119 hours of raw audio footage released Thursday morning to make judgments, that didn’t stop them from concluding there was nothing substantial to be found within the recordings.

Several publications, including Politico, The Washington Post, and The New York Daily were quick to leap on the fact that since the footage was from 2009, there was nothing relevant to discover.

Why are all these articles coming out at the same time?

Consider the following Politico headline, Project Veritas ‘CNN Leaks’ fall flat.

“…what O’Keefe released on Thursday landed with a dull thud in the media world,” writes the publication.

The Washington Post’s headline was similar with, James O’Keefe’s ‘CNN Leaks’ are totally overrated, stating that the audio is irrelevant because it’s from almost a decade ago.

“For one thing, the recordings are from 2009, so anyone looking for evidence of journalistic malfeasance during the recent presidential campaign won’t find any here,” writes the newspaper.

The New York Daily put out the headline, Explosive CNN audio leaks are all fizzle, no flash, saying that “troublemaker James O’Keefe debuted a lame-stream of nearly decade-old ‘leaks’ from inside CNN’s newsroom.”

If there is indeed nothing worth investigating within the secret recordings, then the mainstream media shouldn’t feel compelled to put out identical articles simultaneously to make that point; investigators simply wouldn’t find anything.

“If you have hidden audio recordings, videotapes, or documents inside of a newsroom or media institution, and the material is good enough, I will pay you $10,000,” O’Keefe said in a video statement. “We want to become a destination where citizens can come forward, work with us and make a real impact.”

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