Whenever abortion pops into the picture, emotions run high.

But where do mainstream newspapers get off simply not reporting the news?

This is what happened Tuesday when a video of a Planned Parenthood exec discussing the sale of aborted fetus parts over lunch went viral. Who eats salad while discussing fetal livers?

As the story unfolded, the only sites covering it were the ones who were most disgusted by it — Glenn Beck‘s TheBlazeNational ReviewBreitbart NewsTownHallThe FederalistRedState and my own employer, The Daily Caller.

Lefty sites like Salon, Slate, BuzzFeed, and Gawker followed up late Tuesday and Wednesday to discredit the entire story. It’s not what it seemed. No laws were broken, they reported. “No,” declared Gawker like a stern schoolmarm. “Planned Parenthood is not selling aborted fetal body parts.” On Wednesday night, Media Matters, which operates like an arm of the Democratic Party, had a cluster of stories on its homepage — all debunking the video.

Salon rolled out their anti-choice piece on Wednesday at lunchtime (yum).

Politico left out all opinion and played it straight. The story had a pure news hook — “Republican lawmakers call for investigations into Planned Parenthood.”

The Hill wrote a headline that drew the ire of conservative media. “Seize” being the key word that made them bristle.

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