Bilderberg leaves rehab, cleared to rule the world

Richard Cottrell
End the Lie
December 3, 2011

“Here we are, born to be kings
We’re the princes of the universe.”

– Freddie Mercury

One of the world’s most secretive societies is emerging from the closet, blinking and shrinking at the harsh light of day, like Dracula suddenly deciding it might be safe after all to emerge from his cool dank vault at sunrise.

Sunrise is the right word. Never have the prospects for one world order seemed rosier or closer at hand. So it can be no coincidence at all that the Bilderberg Group, and its sister cabal, the Trilateral Commission, are suddenly basking in deckchairs on the lawns of public respectability.

It is my sincere conviction that we are watching the warm-up acts to prepare us all for a single world order as the orchestrated take down of the entire global economy begins to bite.

Shortly after the Bilderberg/Goldman Sachs/EU promoted coup d’états in Italy and Greece in November, Reuters wired a report that Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission had taken over Europe. The agency made it seem the terrible twins should be applauded for picking up the poisoned chalice of the great debt crisis purportedly eating away at the Euro.

Before we go any further, it stands on the public record that Reuters CEO Peter Job is no stranger to breaking bread among the rulers of the universe.

[Editor’s note: in fact, it is so public that a PDF hosted on the Department of Defense’s official website reveals exactly that on page 7 under the heading “UNITED KINGDOM” where he is the first listing.]

Well, you could say, he’s entitled to spend his spare time as he pleases. True. The problem is that editorial independence must be subject to question and compromise if a paramount source of news and information is sworn to secrecy concerning events where it is represented.

This is not the same as off the record, unattributable briefings, curse though they are to straightforward honest journalism.

The content of Bilderberg meetings is confidential, although it is pointless for any of the participants to deny that the purpose of the annual gatherings is, at the very least, to influence governments and public authorities around the world to act in a certain manner.

I may seem old-fashioned, but the foremost task of the media is to protect and nurture democracy by placing the facts before the people. So, the elephant in the pond question is this; should the media be directly involved in the making of policy when their task in life is to report and comment on public affairs?

Of course great media barons have always pulled wires behind the scenes. Randolph Hearst, Lord Beaverbrook, and now the Murdoch clan, have always ruthlessly tugged at the chords of power, quite often with startling consequences.

The fact that journalists in their employ became associates and practitioners of deceit (the current Murdoch phone hacking scandal for example) is in the end a human foible, but that does not make it right.

What is different with the media clustering around Bilderberg, and substantially so at that, is the steps which are being taken to sanitize an organization which demonstrably is not seeking democratic solutions.

Wikipedia trills gaily that Italy’s nuovo Duce, Mario Monti, is a Bilderberg attendee, European chairman of the Trilateral Commission and a former adviser to Goldman Sachs.

They do so in an absolutely dead pan style which suggests these are but well-earned credentials that suit him to the role of Europe’s first non-elected ruler since the neofascist Greek colonels 35 years ago (Allowing of course for Loukas Papademos, who is now the Gauleiter of Greece).

But at least he has civilian ministers as a fig leaf to disguise what is still plainly a junta, once you lift the skirt. Consult Wikipedia and you will discover that he is a fully paid up member of the great central bank carousel – the Boston Federal Reserve, the Greek financial Parthenon and VP of the European Central Bank, where he served for eight years under two presidents.

Sound man for the job, eh?

Delve a little further into the identical entry and you find it buried innocuously away that the vintage Trilateralist (since 1998) actually caused the Greek debt crisis.

It was none other than Papademos who was on duty at the central bank as the lead negotiator bundling Greece into the euro back in 2000. This was the legendary Goldman Sachs/J P Morgan scam in fudging the books which rebounded as the heart of the Greek crisis that we are watching now.

Like a mad uncle raving in the attic, it never proved possible to hide suspicions about Bilderberg’s real intentions.

There’s invariably some untoward rumpus as the old boy starts bellowing at an upstairs window, just when you have visitors around for a relaxing Sunday afternoon barbecue.

So, all the soothing ointments poured on the accusations of conspiracies generally inflamed the speculation, especially when the worldwide internet came into being, along with the new profession of untrammeled, uncensored journalism.

The response over the years ranged from blanket denials that Bilderberg existed in any organized form, to denouncing those few critics and awkward nosey parkers who raised their heads as UFO freaks, Satanists and other assorted insane fruitcakes who should be detained in an asylum for their own sakes.

In a sense this was inevitable when the Bilderberg story line, a secretive plot by an incestuous power elite plotting to take over the world, did indeed seem utterly fantastical.

The beginning of the wind-down in the world economy in 2008 wrought a rather sudden change in portrayals of the Bilderberg clique.

For years a small posse of passionate and dedicated groupies, the so-called Bilderwatchers, made themselves minor nuisances by turning up at the annual jamborees trying to identify the illustrious arrivals.

They were ignored, just as the mainstream media either ignored the annual Bilderberg caravan or portrayed the annual assembly as a harmless tea party of statesman and corporate leaders with nothing better to do.

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