A significant Conservative donor has told Westmonster that he believes Theresa May is no longer fit to lead the party, that other pro-Brexit donors are disgruntled and that Boris Johnson’s burka comments are “completely correct.”

Speaking exclusively to Westmonster the individual, who has donated six figures to the Tories, said: “It’s absolutely clear that Theresa May is no longer fit to run the Tory Party and lead the UK out of the EU.

“She is a Remainer; her Chequers deal is a bad deal and simply leads us to be a vassal state. We need a Brexiteer to lead us out the European Union; until the incumbent leadership of the Tory party is replaced and until the Chequers deal is scrapped, I can’t see myself giving any more money to the Conservative Party. I have given hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Conservatives but for the foreseeable future, all funding from me stops.

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