In another bizarre case of misplaced mainstream media priorities, U.S. television networks favored the death of a sea mammal over the fight to save a British baby.

During Tuesday morning’s news shows, the three broadcast networks devoted more time to covering the death of a three-month-old killer whale than to the heart-rending case of 11-month-old Charlie Gard and his battle to live.

As the Media Research Center (MRC) reported, ABC, CBS and NBC spent a combined total of three minutes and 17 seconds on the “last baby orca whale born into captivity,” compared to just two minutes and 14 seconds on the decision of Charlie Gard’s parents to drop their legal battle and “let our son go to be with the angels.”

The now celebrated saga of young Charlie Gard, which drew the attention of Pope Francis and President Donald Trump, has dominated social media in past weeks, stirring debate over the ethical issues surrounding the UK court’s decision to ban Charlie’s parents from pursuing experimental treatment in the United States.

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