This could be the Waterloo for Obama’s over reach bypassing congress and the constitutional process by changing the constitution and making law by the executive pen to ban guns will blow up in his face,  The President could not get  is draconian gun laws passed by congress with a republican majority. So he is making an end run around the rule of law because gun control is so unpopular. Congress dare not pass gun control bills knowing it is one of the third rails in politics. This is how the Democratic party lost congress in 1994 and 2010 was because the pushing of socialized medicine and gun control. Former President Bill Clinton admitted gun control was one of the big reasons the Democrats lost control in 1994.

The latest shooting of two Police officers in Los Vegas is now the excuse for disarming the American people using agent provocateurs who were kicked off the Bundy Ranch because there were trying to start trouble to discredit the militia protecting the farm.

The gun grabbers are playing the race card because Obama is black. The media now saying saying it racist if we believe in our God given right to keep and bear arms as a means of self defense. Leon Trotsky used to word calling people racist to shut down debate when the communist advanced.

he used the word racist to browbeat dissenters. In other words, he created the word racism to combat those that weren’t in agreement with their ideology, their totalitarianism.

That is not working anymore as a way to shut down debate of the opposition. Now the government is using the IRS and arresting the opposition as way way to send a chilling effect to the real dissenters to Barrack Obama’s political enemies.

President Obama is saying gun violence is at a all time high when the FBI own crime statistics show where there is more gun ownership. There is less crime while cities and states that have the most draconian gun laws restricting the people’s right to self defense. Crime is off the charts where innocent people are left defenseless while criminal run wild with impunity .

Now Obama is now more unpopular than ever. Even the media I believe can not suppress the real disapproval ratings forever. It would not surprise me if his disapproval ratings are far much higher than reported. If the government and the dying dinosaur media cooks the books of the real unemployment and economic data. They can whitewash Obama’s disapproval ratings to make it look not as bad then it really is. His unpopularity  goes beyond the VA Scandal or the wars starting without congressional approval. It is his overreach with an abusive TSA at the airports violating the bill of rights daily in the name if fighting an exaggerated threat. it is Obama’s lawless nature ignoring the laws and the Constitution that makes him so hated.

Now President is now talking about implementing the Australian style gun confiscation program in the USA by executive orders bypassing congress again. Does he really care about the American people? No, the reason why he wants the American people disarmed is because the bankers he works for wants to finish off America.

If the people are armed. The government can not confiscate the gold the Federal Reserve needs so badly because they leased out that what was on deposit from other countries like Germany.  The German government wants their gold back. If there is no bullion in the vaults or in Ft Knox to make good returning the gold were it belongs. How will they find gold to make good retuning the gold they stole from Germany? They have disarm the people to confiscate the gold. Guns means resistance. The can not have an armed population standing in the way of all that gold.

They can not confiscate pension funds or bank accounts. They can not force us into the cities under UN Agenda 21. The can not enforce Obamacare as they want to. Now since the Bundy ranch standoff on April 12, 2014. The Federal Jack Booted thugs who on camera were beating up old ladies where forced to retreat because of the fire power the militia possessed out numbered the Federal government.

They can not collapse the economy and kill the dollar the way they want to unless the people are disarmed. 200 million gun owners will be on the hunt for those responsible for the crash in government and on Wall Street.

If or when Obama signs an executive order to ban semiautomatic rifle and handguns with a national gun registration program trying to force everyone to register their arms so later they can confiscate. Here is what he is up against if he tries to repeal the second amendment by executive authority outside his constitutional limitations.

Here is what Obama is up against if he thinks by executive order he can ban gun ownership. There might be a backlash which really says he is biting off more than he can chew.

– Most states have in their own state constitutions their own provision of the right to keep and bear arms.

A 1952 US Supreme Court ruling Sawyer vs. Youngstown said the President can not make law by executive order without a constitutional provision or a law passed by congress. He can only carry out the laws passed by congress. he can not make law on his own. I can see legal challenges in Federal Court before the ink dries on the executive order citing this case law.

– Gun sales have been through the roof since it was announced back in 2008. Obama is President elect. People seen the writing on the wall.

The gun owners in Connecticut have not complied with gun laws mandating gun registration. People have burned the gun registration forms in protest on the state capital grounds as an act of civil disobedience.

The people of New York State in many counties. The elected County Sheriffs and the people refuse to comply with the safe act in defiance against an authoritarian state legislature and governor.

– The anti gun politicians are being recalled in Colorado when they passed tyrannical gun laws. The politicians who voted for gun control infringing on the rights of the people to keep and bear arms were thrown out of office in special recall elections.

The Legislature and the Governor singed into law in Idaho instructing all law enforcement prohibiting them to support federal gun control actions. They police must interpose themselves between the Federal government and the people preventing the federal government from carrying out illegal gun confiscation operations. Making it against the law for local and state Law enforcement agencies for giving materiel support to the Federal government.

The American people see President Obama as a liar. no one trust a word he says. How is he going to sell it to the public if he signs an executive order to confiscate the guns from law abiding Americans for own own safety? I do not see a great majority of Americans going along with it. The American people are starting to withdraw their support and consent from this government.

– In the state of Kansas, Governor Sam Brownback singed into law a bill that nullifies federal and local restrictions on the right to keep and bears arms. This law prevents NGOs funded by Anti Gunners like Michael Bloomberg going in and bribing local governments to pass ordinances to infringe on the rights of gun owners.

There is reports a nice size of the US Military might not go along with gun confiscation. It has been reported soldiers are starting to refuse illegal orders.

Many police officers might not going along with the Feds disarming the American people. The truth is many peace officers favor citizens being armed as a deterrence to crime.

For President Obama having the audacity to say Australian style gun confiscation is suitable to disarm Americans by executive orders will work. He is not into reality at all.  Americans had enough of this government abusing the people and violating the Bill of Rights daily. The American people see the US government more of a threat than Al Qaeda. If he dare tries this bypassing congress and the Constitution process of amending and ignoring the Constitution process repealing the second amendment by three fourths of the states will not stand. He will find the American people with their displeasure more than ever will resist if he dare thinks gun owners will roll over and surrender their arms. Than Obama is only dreaming like most narcissistic sociopaths think ignoring the reality of a pissed off well armed population. As a result of such arrogance thinking we will submit to his will like the Europeans did. He is wrong.  This might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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