Playstation gamers are now forced to pay an “amusement tax” in Chicago as city officials tax everything to cover underfunded public pensions.

Gamers were recently notified that they would have to pay a 9% levy every time they pay for Playstation subscription services such as Playstation Now, Playstation Plus and Playstation Music.

Chicago forced the tax on gamers after the city fell $130 billion in pension debt, according to Zero Hedge.

“Barring real reforms, concessions from the unions or bankruptcy, Chicagoans can expect to be hit with whatever series of tax hikes politicians will try to enact to reduce that debt,” the outlet reported. “That $130 billion is the total Moody’s calculates when adding up the direct pension debt owed by the city government, Chicago Public Schools, the park district and Chicago’s share of various Cook County governments and the five state pension funds.”

Users on social media reacted negatively to the news, likening the tax to an “extortion fee.”

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