Donald Trump voters encompassed a larger swath of land across the United States than Hillary Clinton voters, maps produced by the New York Times show.

In a startling contrast depicting what the country might look like if it was split by voters into “two imaginary nations,” the Times shows how Republicans spread out across rural and suburban America were able to conquer the liberal vote located primarily in large cities, the east and west coast and along the southern border with Mexico.


“Geographically Donald J. Trump won most of the land area of the United States. A country consisting of areas he won retains more than 80 percent of the nation’s counties,” the Times writes.


“Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly won the cities, like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City, but Mr. Trump won many of the suburbs, isolating the cities in a sea of Republican voters.”

Here’s a gif showing a quick transition contrast between the two:


In terms of the Times’ maps, Trump supporters were spread over 85 percent of America, while Hillary voters only encompassed 15 percent.

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