January 11, 2009

  Alex with the Tyranny Crusher 1.

So far, the response to Alex’s auction of the Tyranny Crusher 1 Bullhorn on eBay has proven to be nothing short of fantastic. In addition to providing the money necessary to expand the infowar and get Alex’s message out, the auction has drawn a lot of attention.

In many ways eBay is the perfect viral medium due to its immense traffic and interest in the items auctioned.

We’d like to make the Tyranny Crusher 1 Bullhorn the most watched item in eBay history. We are not asking you to necessarily bid on the bullhorn, but rather increase its visibility by watching it. You can do this by going to the eBay page where Tyranny Crusher is listed and clicking on the “Watch This Item” button. You don’t need to be an eBay member to do this, you can simply lurk when you use My eBay for Guests.

Registered users can be notified of the Tyranny Crusher’s progress by way of SMS, IM, and email.

In order to participate, simply follow this link and click the “Watch This Item” button.

Let’s make Alex’s Tyranny Crusher 1 the most watched item in eBay history and spread the message about the New World Order. The auction ends on January 14 at 22:24:20 PST.

Here’s the link again: Alex Jones’ Tyranny Crusher 1 Bullhorn.

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