Kurt Nimmo
March 6, 2013

Now that Hugo Chávez is out of the way in Venezuela, the banksters are free to move forward with the effort to loot and pillage the oil-rich nation. Chávez’s idealistic political ideology of Bolivarianism and “socialism of the 21st century” stalled the effort for a number of years, but his death from the ravages of cancer will permit a more compliant leader to be appointed Wall Street overlords.

The successor of Hugo Chávez, Henrique Capriles Radonski, and his Justice First political party are creatures of globalist NGOs and the U.S. State Department. Photo: JoséMa Orsini.

It now appears likely post-Chávez Venezuela will be led by the political “centrist” Henrique Capriles Radonski. He will face Chávez’s hand-picked successor, Nicolas Maduro. The former bus driver Maduro is currently serving as the interim president. In the presidential race last year, Capriles won 44 percent of the vote. National poll numbers show 50 percent of Venezuelans favor Maduro while 36 percent are for Capriles this time around.

As I noted in 2005, there is no shortage of evidence highlighting efforts on the part of the CIA to get the dreaded Chávez out of the way and finally usher in the rule of the globalist Borg hive and move the nation back into the fold of the World Bank and the IMF. Doing so will allow the creative destruction of structural adjustments to flourish as they have elsewhere in South America and with devastating result. For more on how this process works, see John Perkins and his Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. Additionally, check out the IMF’s successful effort to turn Argentina into an economic basket case.

Capriles Radonski, with his background in commerce and tax law, is well-suited to run Venezuela in the fashion banksters deem appropriate for their standard loot-and-pillage mode of operation. He is the former mayor of the Baruta Municipality and a member in good standing with Justice First (Primero Justicia).

Justice First is your typical USAID cut-out. The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – the globalist organization that picked up where the CIA left off – and USAID established the Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) in Caracas and from there worked feverishly to undermine Chávez and his dated and dreaded revolutionary socialism not controlled by the globalists. OTI fostered and bankrolled more than 360 “scholarships” that were granted to social organizations, political parties, communities and political projects in Venezuela through Development Alternatives Inc., a company contracted by USAID, which opened an office in the El Rosal sector of Caracas in June 2002, according to Venezuelanalysis.com, a website that provides news about developments in Venezuela.

Justice First figured prominently in this scheme. More damning, it appears Capriles Radonski is nothing if not a creation of the U.S. State Department. “The opposition party which includes the defeated presidential contender, Henrique Capriles Radonski, called Primero Justicia (Justice First) was co-founded by Leopoldo Lopez and Julio Borges, who like Radonski, have been backed for nearly a decade by the US State Department. Primero Justicia and the network of foreign-funded NGOs that support it have been recipients of both direct and indirect foreign support for at least just as long,” Tony Cartalucci reported last October.

“NED money is going into networks providing support for current presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles Radonski,” Cartalucci noted, citing an unclassified State Department document. “At the time this document was written, Radonski was in jail pending trial for his role in facilitating the 2002 US-backed failed coup against President Hugo Chavez.”

Naturally, all of this is overlooked by the establishment media. Instead, we are shown an entirely likeable Capriles Radonski who is said to be a devout Catholic and lover of basketball.

In the lead up to the next election, we can expect more such fluffy coverage of the man slotted to move Venezuela back into the orbit of Wall Street and the banksters.

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