Heather Mallick
The Star
May 26, 2012

The Toronto demonstration against victim-blaming and in favour of a woman’s right to dress as she pleases without being accused of attracting rape celebrated its first birthday Friday to international acclaim. There are SlutWalks around the world again this year, sadly necessary but still good fun.

The Toronto march took place in extreme heat Friday from Nathan Phillips Square to Queen’s Park during rush hour. It was as exuberant as last year’s despite the fact that since then something known as “the war on women” reached full-throttle.

Last year, it was a Toronto cop’s statement at a York University law seminar that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized” that inspired two young women, Heather Jarvis and Sonia J.F. Barnett, to set up SlutWalk.

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