A man accused of plotting a 7/7-style bomb attack on Westfield shopping centre was a ‘lowlife idiot’ with a history of drugs and alcohol, his brother said today.

Hapless Mohammed Rehman, 25, was arrested after he asked for advice on Twitter whether to target a Westfield shopping centre or the Underground tube system, the Old Bailey has heard.

He was allegedly only two days away from being able to construct a working bomb on a similar scale to those used in the 7/7 bombings in which 52 victims were murdered.

But his brother Shaukrat said today that the Isis-inspired fanatic was anything but a devout Muslim and would drink alcohol, had a history with drugs, and messed around with women.

Rehman carried out a ‘test explosion’ in the back garden of his family home in Reading and sent a video of it to his secret wife Sana Ahmed Khan, 24, it is claimed.

But he had married his bride in secret and her parents had cut her off as a result after hearing from the Muslim community that he had extremist views and was already married.

Rehman spent hours playing violent video games and the hapless bomber tweeted form the account Silent Bomber, the court heard.

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