DAVID GAMBACORTA / U.S. News & World Report | June 27, 2008

The comments made in the You Tube video are very similar to the death threats made by Michael Reagan to Mark Dice. This individual was arrested while Reagan was not even suspended from his radio show.

It took just a few weeks for Andre Moore to go from YouTube to the slammer.

Members of the state attorney general’s Gun Violence Task Force announced Moore’s abrupt career change yesterday morning by smashing a battering ram through the door of his West Philadelphia apartment.

The 44-year-old was arrested for calling for the murder of 18th District police officers in a video titled “Dissin’ Philly Cops” that he posted on YouTube on June 6, law-enforcement officials said.

Moore, who’s now been suspended from his job as a security guard at Albert Einstein Medical Center, was less than subtle in his performance.

While waving a gun through the air, Moore said, “I rejoice whenever they shoot a cop in Philadelphia because I hate them,” according to a court affidavit containing a transcript of the video.

Later on, he offered instructions on to how to murder cops: “All we need is a Colt .275 to do it. Look, it’s easy. You got the chamber, let it go off . . . anywhere in the head or heart . . . continue killing the 18th District police.”

The officials said that Moore’s 12-year-old son, Andre Jr., filmed the volatile video, and another underage relative held a gun in a second video that Moore posted on YouTube using the screen name “lildre502.”

The videos are no longer available on YouTube.

Moore’s wife, Tamara, expressed outrage over the incident during a phone interview last night.

“I knew nothing about any of this,” she said. “Me, my son and our family are very much humiliated by the act Andre did.

“Whatever happens to him, happens. My job is being jeopardized because of this.”

Investigators said that District Attorney Lynne Abraham and state Attorney General Tom Corbett became aware of the videos about two weeks ago.

They charged Moore with aggravated assault, corruption of minors, terroristic threats and harassment.

“Obviously, the charges could be challenged in court, but that’s out of our hands,” said police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore. “You have rights, but that doesn’t mean you can say something like this.”


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