A Texas man arrested by Secret Service near the White House today who planned to “kill all white police officers” also posted a death threat on his Facebook page aimed at President Trump.

According to reports, Michael Arega traveled from Dallas to Washington DC with the intention to “kill all white police officers” at the White House.

That motive wasn’t exactly well hidden.

“Now I am going there to White House make sure kill all white police!!” Arega posted on his Facebook page earlier today.

The United States Secret Service, the agency’s Protective Intelligence Division, received a BOLO warning (be on the lookout) from the Montgomery County, Maryland Police Department for Michael Arega at around 2:55pm.

After security at the White House was tightened, the suspect was spotted on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue near Lafayette Park just after 4pm and arrested without incident. He was then taken to D.C. Metropolitan Police Department where charges are pending.

Arega posted a stream of garbled posts on his Facebook page today, including a violent threat aimed at President Trump.

In response to an article about Trump’s comment that it was fortunate someone else at the scene of the Sutherland Springs church massacre had a gun to stop the mass shooter, Arega remarked above an image of Trump, “Kill Him in JESUS NAME!!”

Arega also checked into the White House on his Facebook page.

Was Arega another example of a lunatic radicalized by the hysterical anti-Trump sentiment that has swept the country, or is he just mentally deranged?


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