Yorkshire Post
January 26, 2012

A hoaxer who emailed a bomb threat to the “contact us” section of MI5’s website was warned to expect a substantial prison sentence.

Birmingham Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday that Ghulam Kibria was hunted down by anti-terrorism officers after informing the security services that a bomb had been hidden in a junior school.

The email to MI5, which was read to the court after Kibria pleaded guilty to communicating a bomb hoax, stated: “There is a bomb planted in Prince Albert Junior and Infant School in Aston. There is nothing you can do – we can strike any time, anywhere.”

Kibria, 33, will be sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court next month after District Judge Jack McGarva ruled that the maximum six-month sentence available to him was “clearly inadequate”.

Prosecutor David Devine told the court that Kibria, of Rugby Place, Lidget Green, Bradford, West Yorkshire, sent the email on August 8 last year.

The message, which included the name of Kibria’s ex-wife, was taken as a “clear and immediate threat” by the police, said Mr Devine, and 700 pupils and 110 members of staff and parents were evacuated from Prince Albert School shortly after 2pm.

Kibria’s laptop was then seized by police and a copy of the email was found on the hard drive, Mr Devine added.

Defence solicitor Reyaz Ali told the court that his client suffered from mental health issues.

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