A man was humiliated in front of his family by the TSA at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport after his cologne set off an explosive detector.

Jean Marie Occean was traveling with his wife and young daughter when the TSA ordered him into a private room after his hands tested positive for explosive chemicals. It subsequently turned out that the cologne Occean had purchased at a local department store was responsible for the alarm.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Occean told CBS Boston, adding that his wife was “really scared” by the experience. Occean was thankful that his baby daughter is too young to remember what happened, while adding that he was so perturbed by the encounter he is unsure if he will ever fly again.

The TSA refused to comment on the specific incident but issued a statement confirming that in some cases, cologne can set off a “false positive alarm during screening.”

While the Transportation Security Administration allows illegal aliens to fly without proper ID, American citizens like Occean are accused of being terrorists simply for their choice of aftershave.

The TSA has proven itself adept at tracking down dangerous extremists who wear Chanel Bleu, but when it comes to travelers who could potentially smuggle dangerous weapons through airport security, the federal agency isn’t so proficient.

In 2012, engineer Jon Corbett illustrated how TSA body scanners could be easily fooled by sewing a metal object inside his clothing which was not picked up by the agency’s body scanners, proving the $1 billion dollar fleet of machines to be completely useless.

Also in 2012, John Halinski, TSA’s Assistant Administrator for Global Strategies, admitted that the body scanners had not resulted in the apprehension of a single terrorist since they were introduced.

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