September 18, 2009

Editor’s note: No doubt the following incident will be grist for Chris Matthews’ mill later this evening. Chris will ask if the man was a racist and his guests will chime in that he is indeed a racist, even though the man’s remonstration was about government mandated health care (Obamacare at gunpoint) and abortion.

[efoods]At a health care rally at a Maryland university, a protester began shouting, prompting boos and President Obama to pause. The man apparently yelled “Obama you’re a liar. Obama, your health care kills children. Abortion is murder.”

The man was promptly removed by police, much to the joy of rabidly cheering Obamanoids, who feverishly demanded the man be carted off for having the temerity to challenge Der Fuhrer.

Watch as the guy is being led up the stairs, an Obamanoid stood on the left spits on him but the cop sees it and carts him off too.

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