Secret Service searched Chip Harrison’s home over message critical of abortion policies

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, September 2, 2011

An Oklahoma man who displayed an anti-Obama sign on his car was pulled over by police, reported to the Secret Service and had his home searched to check he was not a threat to the President.

Chip Harrison carried a sign on his vehicle that read, “Abort Obama, Not The Unborn,” a protest against Obama’s support for abortion policies.

Police let Harrison go after he explained he meant no harm to Obama personally but the sign was confiscated and he was reported to the Secret Service, who later arrived at his home to conduct a cursory search in order to check that Harrison, “wasn’t some kind of radical racist,” before he was interviewed by the agents.

Police Captain Steve McCool said the decision to confiscate the sign was wrong, but he refused to apologize for reporting Harrison to the Secret Service, saying it was the right thing to do.

One of Obama’s first acts in office was to lift a ban on using US taxpayer’s money to fund “family planning” organizations in the third world, many of which carry out abortions of black babies in Africa.

Immediately upon becoming President, he also issued a statement reiterating his support for Roe vs Wade. Obama’s vehemently pro-abortion record extends to the fact that almost every single one of his appointments has shared his pro-abotion views.

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