A reporter working at the White House has claimed that he and his colleagues were threatened by a man who thought they were staffers working for President Trump.

Saagar Enjeti, a reporter with The Daily Caller, tweeted that a man hanging around the media entrance of the White House believed that it was actually the staff entrance, and shouted obscenities and death threats.

Enjeti explained that he knew the guy thought they were staffers because of his specific obscene language.

Mike Pence press secretary Alyssa Farah picked up on the tweet and suggested that Enjeti report the incident to the Secret Service:

Enjeti responded that he would take the advice:

Another reporter, Bloomberg’s Megan O’Neil said that the same thing has happened to her before:

Some suggested that such incidents are part of the fallout of the media’s constant obstruction campaign and witch hunt to take down Trump:

Indeed, The Daily Caller also discovered this week that some leftists regard the MAGA hat as being an equally bad symbol as a Nazi swastika:

Democrats Openly Tell Trump Resign, Or We’ll Destroy Your Family

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